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The Alignment System

Would you like to…

  • …start truly enjoying your life?
  • …finally feel like you are in a line of work that is right for you?
  • …have more energy to enjoy the life you’ve built for yourself?
  • …shrink your to-do list and have more time to spend with your friends and family?
  • …enjoy a plentiful, guilt-free salary?
  • …wake up excited to get out of bed in the morning?
  • …relax on a regular basis?
  • …start seeing the beauty in the world again?
  • …regain that sparkle in your eye?

 What if you could also throw in…

  • …closer friendships and better family relationships?
  • …time for hobbies and other extracurricular activities?
  • …the ability to contribute to the causes that are important to you?

What if you could feel…

  • …free from your painful past?
  • …relief from your daily stressors?
  • …clear on who you are and what you want?
  • …in control of your circumstances?
  • …a renewed desire for life and faith in the bigger picture?
  • …confident in your skills, yourself, and the decisions you are making?
  • …appreciation from those around you?
  • …satisfied with what you do and how you do it?
  • …a fulfilling sense of purpose in your life?


Sound too good to be true? You’re not alone.

Many people feel that unless you have mastered choosing winning lottery numbers and are living on a tropical island, you will not have half of these benefits. What they don’t understand is that the lack of energy, the lack of time, the feeling of being stuck in your everyday obligations, and the depressing mindset that accompanies it all, have little to do with your financial status. Each of us is unique. It is when you are going against the grain of who you are that you start to feel burned out and stuck in your world. Life does not have to be a struggle.

Our unique, 9-step Alignment System, developed by Crystal Kulpcavage, is designed to help you find the time, energy, and clarity needed to set your life on a more fulfilling and enjoyable course by de-stressing, nurturing your spirit, and embracing your unique purpose. Most people do not realize that the types of concerns that you are experiencing are a form of spiritual stress. You are more than what you see in the mirror.  You are a soul yearning to grow and express yourself in unique ways. Learn how to develop your intuition, seek guidance, notice life’s cues, shift your energy, and make some serious decisions.  Develop confidence in your strengths, your talents, and your ability to apply what you’ve learned to your career and your life. Align with your life’s work.

Assess Your Anxiety

Lighten Your Load

Imagine Your Ideal

Get over Your Guilt

Notice Your Nuances

Master Your Mindset

Embrace Your Energy

Nurture Your Needs

Trust in Your Truth

This holistic approach to improving your personal and professional life will address your inner needs, create a strategy to both heal your past and overcome your current struggles, and fine tune your appeal to other colleagues/clients/family/friends – all while ensuring you are aligned with your higher purpose so you can feel that deep sense of fulfillment – and enjoy yourself in the process.